bahria paradise karachi

Bahria Paradise Karachi : The good , The bad , and the Ugly

Bahria Paradise Karachi : The good , The bad , and the Ugly

Bahria Paradise Karachi : The good , The bad , and the Ugly as we are all aware that the Paradise map has launched recently , giving investors sleepless night due to its folding prices day by day , and everyone amongst us has questions , about paradise ,

questions like , 
1.why are the prices increasing so rapidly ? 
2.Should I go towards paradise and invest before its too late ? 
3. Is paradise a better option than sports city ? 
4. How does paradise compete with OLD BTK ( phase 1 and 2 ) ? 
5. What impact does paradise is able to put on sports city ? 
6. Would it be a wise choice to pick up an unballot in paradise ? or should I wait for the ballot ? 
7. What should we expect from paradise in the coming 6 months , in effect to the emerging market of OLD btk ( phase 1 & 2 ) which is just on the verge of receiving posessions . 
8 . the current political turmoil , and unstable political situations , would it have an impact on our existing investments and what are our chances ?

as I m being flooded with questions like these , so I am hereby covering it up for all of you One by One .


1.why are the prices increasing so rapidly ?

Bahria my friends has a tradition , a well known practice that exists since the very beginning . 
and that is SATTA . with every new project that is launched , and it doesn’t sell or goes negative , 
sooner or later , SATOLI’s eye that project , and rush towards that project ,

iska tareeqa kaar ye hota hai , k ek team banti hai buyers ki , ek team banti sellers ki . 
buyers ki team mein investors ka poora group hota hai , jo bohat heavy amounts back per rakh ke entry detay hain market mein …. And they start picking up inventory silently ,

20 files 25 files , 50 files … daily base per ….

aur jab ek sath kahin bhi itnay baray level per buying hona shru hoti hai , market mein demand create hoti hai hype create hota hai , and as a result us holding ke malikaan tezi ko dekhtay huay price barhana shru kar detay hain … slowly and gradually , aur market barh jati hai ….

magar , jabtak is massive buying ka impact market mein aata hai , satoli group apni buying complete karke 1000 files apni jayb mein daal chukka hota hai ….

hype create hoti hai , people rush towards that project in fear , ke rate mazeed barh jayega , aur market mein trade activity shru hojati hai , aur market mazeed upar jati hai ….

ab SATOLI group ki selling team market mein apni inventory daalna shru karti hai …

inki buy team low per buying karti rehti hai , aur sell team market per dusri tarf se bechti rehti hai in a very organized way in collaboration with the dealerships .

slowly and gradually , ye apni buying reduce kartay jatay hain , aur selling high kartay chalay jatay hain , 
magar ab inki buying roknay ya reduce karnay se koi farq nahi parhta , kyun ke market mein dusray masoom investors aur genuine buyers wesay hi dar ke maray entry de detay hain , aur inventory uthana shru kar detay hain . aur ye apni inventory nikal kar silently maket se bahar hojatay hain within 3 to 4 months . with profits .

aur ab holding reh jati hai , un logo ke pass , jo ke genuine buyers thay , ya short term genuine investors .

Peechay se buying reserves ka packup hotay hi demand girti hai , aur us waqt jo udhar phans gaya wo phans gaya , aur ab low demand ki waja se market dip karti hai …

ab is point per agar genuine buyers ke pass zyada holding gai , tuo unho ne holding kar jani regardless , 
aur market ne us point per stability pakar leni . aur agar us session mein short term investors greed aur fear mein ghusay thay , tuo ab mazeed buying na honay ki waja se demand rukti hai , aur rates neechay aana shru hotay … investors pareshan hokar apni inventory ek saath daaltay market mein , aur result market crash .

exact same game eid se pehlay SC mein khela gaya tha , aur ab paradise per khela ja raha hai , 
magar paradise mein stability ka chance probably zyada hai , kyun ke paradise genuine buyers to attract zyada kar raha hai due to distance from main gate factor .


2.Should I go towards paradise and invest before its too late ?

agar aap genune buyer hain , sure go ahead and make your desired holding . 
magar , only and only buy a balloted plot . that’s it .

now the question is balloted kyun ? us waqt tak tuo rate barh jayega ….

the answer is , 
ke unballoted files un investors ko suit karti hain jo ek saath 20 files 25 files ki inventory uthatay hain , 
balloting hui 25 mein se 10 hogaye ballot , rate barh gaya profit mein aagaye , liquidate kiya principle bahar aagaya …. Phir ballot hua , phir profit aaya , liquidate kiya profit bhi bahar aagaya ….

ab jo bach gai , wo bas profit phansa hua hai … usko loss mein bhi de diya unbalots ko tuo koi masla nahi unka principle with profit pehlay hi bahar aajata hai . tuo unballots istarha ke investors ke liye suitable and feaseable hai .

on the other hand , jis banday ne ek hi file leni hai , ab investor hai tuo paisa stuck hai jabtak ballot na hua , genuine buyer hai tuo plot se mehroom hai jabtak ballot na hua , aur phir end mein bahria ko galiyaan detay huay paaye jatay hain . lihaza single file buyers do not do this mistake . tareekh gawah hai , lihaza aankhon dekhi makhi nigalnay se ijtinaab kijiye , har sattay ka yehi usuul hota hai ,

ke satta end honay ke baad jitni percentage market se nikalnay ki kahani karti hai aur apni inventory market mein daalti hai , utnay percent market neechay aati hai . depeneding on the fact ke udhar ke kitnay percent holding rakhnay walay apni inventory ko sale karnay ke liye market mein float kartay hain


3. Is paradise a better option than sports city ?

YES , it is , because ,

distance factor aur location ki waja se idhar SC se zyada potential hai ke genuine buyer idhar entry dekar yahaan ki market stable karay , upfront rakhnay wala buyer tuo lazmi baat hai , jakar old mein buying karayga … jo already ready hai developed hai , better located hai , magar jis genuine buyer ke pass upfront nahi , wo idhar hi aaraha hai , aur tuo aur , is baat ka bht wazeh chance hai , ke Paradise na sirf SC ke genuine buyers apni taraf khench lega , aur udhar ke investors ko bhi apni taraf kheench lega . 
magar agar upfront hai , tuo OLD BTK mein invest kijiye , uske paas sabse zyada heavy margin hai growth 
ka .


4. How does paradise compete with old ?

Paradise will always and always remain Lower than old . and personaly on the end of these 4 years I expect old sitting at atleast 50% more price than paradise .
due the the following reasons .

1. Old is on main jinnah avenue , the heartline of bahria . 
2. Has lesser distance from the gate as compared to paradise . 
3. Has more monumental attractions like

theme park 
Grand mosque . 
Theme park commercial 
Midway commercial 
Headoffice .
Ali Palace 
Dancing fountains . 
five star hotels .
jinnah avenue commercials 
night safari
so taj mahal and central park cannot compete with old in terms of monumental and other commercial attractions .

5. Old is on the verge of completion , and verge of acquiring residence , while paradise is a 4 year old cry , or jo jaga jitni zyada residence aur commercial value acquire karti hai , wo utni hi zyada valuable  hoti jati hai waqt ke sath sath aur is race mein paradise OLD se nahi jeet sakta , old waqt ke sath sath mazeed powerful hota jayega in terms of its value and establishment.

6. Paradise lacs commercials , sirf central park ki surrounding mein commercials hain , tuo paradise walon ko kaafi duur jinnah avenue ana parayga to fulfill their commercial needs , it would be like a travel of atleast 5 to 6 km , just for your grocery shopping everytime you need it .


5. What impact does paradise is able to put on sports city ?

Sports city per iska impact negative jata dih raha hai , kyun ke paradise mein ye potential mojuud hai , ke jo log old mein afford nahi kar saktay thay , aur jinko majbooran jakar SC mein lena parh raha tha , ab unke pass ek next best thing tuo old mojuud hai which is location wise better than sports city and nearer to the main gate . aur jis tarha SC ki market pichlay kuch weeks se selling pressure mein hai , and on the other side paradise ka trend upwards ja raha hai , us se yehi zahir ho raha hai ke SC se investment khinch kar ab paradise shift ho rahi hai . so paradise while being on a better location than sports city , is able to , and apparently , IS giving SC a tough time already as soon as the map is released . iska 250 ka own category per 10 touch karnay ja raha hai , jabke SC ko derh saal lag gaya is point per pohanchnay mein , tuo response is evident .


6. Would it be a wise choice to pick up an unballot in paradise ? or should I wait for the ballot ?

as I explained earlier that why unballots are not for the single investor and genuine buyers , please refrain from making any unballot purchases until unless you plan to pick up atleast 10 files and that too as an investor .

7. What should we expect from paradise in the coming 6 months , in effect to the emerging market of OLD btk ( phase 1 & 2 ) which is just on the verge of receiving posessions .

This is a bit too early to decide , but we can go ahead and make a guess here , 
for now , we do not know at the moment , that in the ongoing satta , how many genuine buyers , and how many genuine short term investors , and how many genuine long term investors have made the leap of faith . but , with the selling pressure SC is being observing lately , we can be sure of the fact , that a considerable volume of short term SC investors have realized their profits and have went straight to paradise .

lets say roughly SC has faced a 5% decline till this date , so that means 5% of the SC investors have moved out of SC , and with the continues selling pressure we can deduce that more want to get out of there . if SC had lets say , 20,000 plots . so 1000 investors have gone . from there .. for sure .. 
and if 1000 investors have went straight to paradise , with an average investor taking away an amount of 1 million with him roughly ( as I doubt that p34 till 37 investors would loose their position , they will hold and must hold this place ) the rest I m not so sure of .

so if 1000 investors , take an average of only a million with them to paradise . picking up 1 plot each , then out of 12000 plots , 1000 inventory have been sold . in the 250 category . that’s almost 8% .

but Paradise has seen a price increase of almost 15% on the total price till tis date and growing , 
and that exactly means that we have almost the same amount of genuine buyers , and investors that have rushed to paradise . giving the price the hike it has reached as of now .

now within 2 to 4 months , when the satolis have played their game , and they would want out . 
expect a dip in price , my friends . if paradise stays positive this time , at this rate , ( which is highly probable ) . this would be wonderful news for OLD . as if paradise settles its foot in positive , and SC settles here , or even a little below as established . but do not expect any further price hikes for a long long time from then onwards . it will move at a sluggish pace for atleast a year . atleast until after elections and budget .

phase 1 and phase 2 will be pushed up by this pressure very very hard once they ( SC and paradise) stabilize.
so if after 3 months , paradise 250 category “IF” manages to stay on 3 lac own even . Then my friends it’s a very good news for OLD investors . as the market would achieve the ultimate equiblibrium .

but on the contarary , if god forbid its only the satoli’s doing massive buying hiking up the prices and giving genuine buyers and investor fear of hiking . so expect a massive meltdown once they depart . 
but that is least likely to happen . since Paradise would have genuine buyer influx .


8 . the current political turmoil , and unstable political situations , would it have an impact on our existing investments and what are our chances ?

for now , if you make a purchase , hold it at least until elections 2018 , and the new government first budget announcement . as most outside investor would currently wait to analyse the government scenario before investment . so just hold all your inventory till then and let the market shape up after this launch of paradise . Yes political aspect do effect the property market , bahria is affected the least . but it IS affected may it be very minimal , but it is affected , as investors hold back.

and for new entrants , its better to buy right now , as major indicators are all going positive . 
so there are higher chances that if you expect to wait till elections to buy , then you shall be prepared for a higher price to pay .


Click here to view : Bahria Town Rawalpindi l Karachi l Islamabad l Lahore Latest Maps 

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Bahria Town’s Garden City to DHA’s Serene City

Bahria Town’s Garden City to DHA’s Serene City

Bahria Town is currently busy resolving issues related to its projects in Lahore and Islamabad. Protests have been held by those affected by Bahria Town Sector F in Lahore. We are yet to find out how over 5,000 of those affected by Bahria Town’s Garden City (Zone V – IX) in Islamabad, which has now technically become DHA Serene City, will react if their demands are not fulfilled. To give you a better understanding of the Garden-City issue, here is quick rundown of what actually happened there.


Bahria Town launched Garden City back in 2013 on a two-year payment plan. The prices of the plots were high since Bahria claimed that the project has been fully developed and the property owners can start construction of their homes in Garden City right away. In 2015, without any proper announcement, Bahria Town handed over Garden City to DHA as a compensation to DHA Valley, for which it received several billions from the DHA. By then, Bahria Town had also received full payments for these plots in Garden City.

Concerns of property owners

Initially, the property owners were told that with DHA taking over Garden City, property rates here will spike. Shortly after DHA erected “Serene City” board by removing Garden City’s board, property transfer office here was also shut down for an indefinite period. The latest update in this regard is that property owners, who have reached an approximate number of 5,000, have been asked by Bahria Town to submit PKR 3,500,000 in terms of development charges.

Why impose development charges?

The launching rate of Garden City plots were high at PKR 6,000,000 and PKR 4,000,000 for 1-kanal and 10-marla residential plots, respectively. Bahria claims that this is because these were developed plots. In other words, the development charges were included in the initial price. Now when DHA took over, no formal announcement was made by any of the two developers and Bahria Town imposed development charges at an extremely high rate of PKR 3,500,000 and PKR 2,500,000 for 1-kanal and  10-marla plots, respectively. Why they have asked for the development charges again is the question that bothers the property owners too.

Compensation for the bounced check?

As a compensation to DHA Valley – a project that faced delayed development work as well as litigation – Bahria Town offered DHA a cheque of PKR 62 billion, which bounced. The amount was to be paid anyway. It appears that by imposing and collecting development charges on Garden City’s property, Bahria Town is looking to generate that income for the DHA.

The reaction

Those affected aren’t willing to pay development charges primarily because they purchased developed plots, with the extra charges included in the introductory rates. They rightly think it is unfair. To counter this, the affectees formed a core committee to sort their issues out with Bahria Town’s management.

The outcome of the persistent demands of the property owners presented to the management is that the developer has apparently agreed to accept their terms. According to the representatives of the core committee, Bahria Town has asked them to wait until August 16, as they intend to share some good news by then. In addition to that, Bahria Town’s management has also agreed to waive off development charges.

What to expect now?

 DHA has renamed all blocks and streets of Garden City, and now new boards have been erected reading DHA-assigned names for these sectors. If you pass through GT Road opposite the entrance of DHA Phase II, you will see boards for Serene City instead of Garden City. From this development, we can safely assume that DHA and Bahria Town are now in advanced stages to finalise their agreement for this project; an announcement is predicted before August 16.

If Bahria Town does not collect development charges from property owners, what will it actually offer to DHA? A project that was sold out many years ago and now belongs to individual owners? Meanwhile 5,000 people wonder if they will get possession of their property in the near future and whether their investment will pay them off as per their expectations.


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bahria town karachi investment guide

Where To Invest in Bahria Town Karachi ?

Bahria Town Karachi is one of the hottest properties in Karachi right now. We have covered the different paths that investors should take when it comes to this project, and now I want to tell genuine buyers how they should go about investing in the project.

Choosing between apartments and houses

Bahria Town is perhaps the cheapest locality in Karachi if you want to buy a house. This might be an indicator to some that houses here are higher in demand than apartments. Surprisingly, this is not true. I have learnt that there is no big difference in the number of people eyeing homes in Bahria Town Karachi, when compared to people looking at apartments. This balance in demand is also reflected in the averaging asking price, which continues to fare strong for both categories.

Popular precincts among genuine buyers

Genuine buyers who have the resources ready for immediate purchase do not invest in projects and developments that aren’t on ground, or ones that don’t offer possession. Predictability, precincts where property possession has been granted by Bahria Town are more in demand, and higher on the buying list.

This includes Precinct 1, also known as the Overseas Block, Precinct 4, Precinct 6, Precinct 10, Precinct 11, Precinct 12, also known as Ali Block, and Quaid Villas.

The fact that many buyers with varying budgets are tempted to buy property here says a lot about the quality and range of lifestyle amenities that the project offers.

A look at rates

Precinct 1

Precinct 1 or Overseas Block is located close to the Jamia Masid and it features 250 and 500 square yard plots. At the moment, many families live here, and many more are constructing their houses. The average market rate of these plots is many times higher than the launching price offered on instalments.

Plot SizeLaunching RateAsking ProfitAverage Market Rate
250 square yardPR 3,600,000PKR 6,500,000 – PKR 7,000,000PKR 10,350,000
500 square yardPKR 5,800,000PKR 7,500,000 – PKR 8,000,000PKR 13,550,000

Bahria Apartments

Possession for Bahria Town Apartments is available in Tower 1, 2, 3 and 5. These apartments are also known as old 2-bedroom apartments because they were one of the oldest booking done by Bahria Town in its Karachi’s project. Since the options available in Bahria Town apartment are limited, the average market rate is now much higher than the booking price.

Apartment TypeLaunching RateAsking ProfitAverage Market Rate
2-bedroomPR 2,200,000PKR 3,800,000 – PKR 4,000,000PKR 6,100,000

Precinct 4

It only features 500-square yard plots. The asking profit on these plots is so far the highest among all BTK projects in Karachi, where property possession has been granted. This precinct is located close to the Grand Jamia Masjid. Compare the market rates of these plots with that of same sized plots in posh and central areas of Karachi, and you will learn that prices here are more reasonable.

Plot SizeLaunching RateAsking ProfitAverage Market Rate
500 square yardPR 5,500,000PKR 8,000,000 – PKR 8,500,000PKR 13,750,000

Precinct 6

Like Precinct 4, this area also lies near the Grand Jamia Masjid. The developer has ensured that the area surrounding Jamia Masjid is ready for possession on time to allow people to benefit from this facility. This precinct features 250-square yards and 500-square yards residential plots. The asking profit of 250-square yard plots is higher than that of 500 square-yard options.

Plot SizeLaunching RateAsking ProfitAverage Market Rate
250 square yardPR 2,800,000PKR 4,000,000 – PKR 4,500,000PKR 7,050,000
500 square yardPKR 4,500,000PKR 6,000,000 – PKR 6,500,000PKR 10,750,000

Precinct 12

The only block that exclusively features 5-marla residential plots with possession, is Precinct 12 – also known as Ali Bock. It is fairly popular among end users. At the moment, and compared to property rates in other blocks, market rates here seems reasonable.

Plot SizeLaunching RateAsking ProfitAverage Market Rate
125 square yardPR 3,000,000PKR 1,000,000 – PKR 1,500,000PKR 4,250,000

Quaid Villas

This block features ready-made villas ranging from 125 square yards and 250 square yards. Possession for this block was granted recently. The asking profit on these villas is almost equal to the launching rate.

Villa SizeLaunching RateAsking ProfitAverage Market Rate
125 square yardPR 4,200,000PKR 4,000,000 – PKR 4,200,000PKR 8,300,000
200 square yardPKR 7,500,000PKR 7,000,000 – PKR 7,500,000PKR 14,750,000

Precinct 10

Possession for 200 square yard villas has been granted by Bahria Town in this block. The asking price, which is now much higher than what it was when the villas were launched, is proof that these homes enjoy sound demand in the market. Looking at the construction quality of these units, the current market price does not seem like it is too high.

Villa SizeLaunching Rate Asking ProfitAverage Market Rate
200 square yardPR 4,500,000 PKR 5,000,000 – PKR 5,500,000PKR 9,750,000

Precinct 11

Property possession for 125 square yard villas has been offered here. Like 200 square yard villas in Precinct 10, the market demand for these villas is high. At an average rate of over PKR 8,500,000, their asking price is comparatively higher.

Villa SizeLaunching RateAsking ProfitAverage Market Rate
125 square yardPR 4,200,000PKR 4,500,000 – PKR 5,000,000PKR 8,950,000

Which Precinct to pick?

Genuine buyers are more interested in buying plots, villas or apartments that boast better locations. By better we mean those closer to the society’s main entrance on the Super Highway, as well as the active commercial and recreational facilities. In addition, blocks enjoying higher occupancy rates also end up being the preferred places to buy homes and plots.

In this context, most genuine buyers find Precinct 1 and 4 more appropriate for the lifestyle standard they wish to experience in Bahria Town Karachi. If you have any further questions or queries, let me know through your comments.

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