Has Bahria Enclave II turned into Bahria Hills?


Bahria Enclave II had been cancelled in 2014 after the developer failed to secure all necessary approvals from the Capital Development Authority (CDA). File owners who had invested in the project have since then been looking for a solution to their problems. Many of them were adjusted in Bahria Enclave I, some sold off their files, and some are still waiting for a safe exit.

Recently, Bahria Town announced three new projects for Islamabad. The developer created quite a bit of suspense about the projects, causing many investors to stand up and take notice. What is interesting about this development is that the location of one of the projects, i.e. Bahria Hills, which is more or less the same as that of Bahria Enclave II.

According to my sources, many of those who still own Bahria Enclave II files are busy sorting the matter with the authorities concerned, as they aren’t willing to sell at a loss.

What’s more, my sources have told me that development work at the site hasn’t stopped since 2014 – that was precisely when rumours about Bahria Enclave II’s cancellation flooded the real estate market, causing immense panic for file owners.

Will Bahria Town accommodate those affected by Bahria Enclave II into Bahria Hills remains to be seen, and I will update you all if any such information comes my way.

The best part of the yet-to-be launched Bahria Hills is that the basic infrastructure here has already been completed. Their lush and posh designer site office is also in place. If you visit the site, which is connected through a 70 feet wide bridge, you will notice that the road network is in good shape, and much of the plotting has also been done.

In addition to this, sewerage pipes and underground electrification for the project is also complete. Given that the project hasn’t even been launched yet, it is surprising that electricity and gas connections for Bahria Hills are also available. All the developer needs to do now is launch the project formally. After the trouble people have faced because of Enclave II, it would be better for Bahria Town to directly offer plots instead of files.

Given the amount of development work that has already taken place the new property on offer will come with steeper price tags. However, we must also remember that Bahria Enclave II itself was pretty expensive when it was launched back in late 2013. Then, the price tags for 5-marla, 10-marla and 1-kanal plot files in Bahria Enclave II was PKR 4.45 million, PKR 9.5 million and PKR 180 million, respectively. Looking at these rates, all I can say is that you should be prepared to see even higher launching rates for Bahria Hills’ plots.

I am waiting for Bahria Town to formally launch Bahria Hills just to see how genuine buyers and real estate investors respond. Meanwhile, if you have anything to add to this article, feel free to leave your comments below.


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