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Bahria Town karachi Rates are taken from  different cities of Pakistan renowned realty agents . Here you can find the best Rate for Bahria Town Karachi . Bahria Town Karachi is the largest housing project in  Pakistan in which different commercial and residential plots are available for sale on in installments or full cash payment

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bahria greens karachi

Bahria Greens ,Karachi

Bahria Greens, Karachi is expected to become one of Pakistan’s biggest low-cost housing projects. Here’s all you need to know about investing in Bahria Greens, Karachi.


Bahria Greens is bringing affordable property investment options in Bahria Town’s fully equipped and luxurious society. Speaking at the launch of Bahria Greens, the founder of Bahria Town, real estate tycoon and developer, Mr. Malik Riaz, mentioned that the aim of the project was to ensure that every person, irrespective of their income level, was able to own a home. Accordingly, a limited number of residential plots of 3 marla or 75 square yards will be offered for sale for you to build a ground plus two-story home of your dreams by investing in Bahria Town, Karachi.


The location of Bahria Greens has not been disclosed as of yet, but it is definitely going to be surrounded by and a part of Bahria Town’s developed and well-planned society, which can be accessed via the M-9 Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway.

Bahria Greens in Bahria Town, Karachi, will also benefit from its proximity to a range of commercial and entertainment options that dot the suburban community, including the famous Bahria Adventure Land Amusement Park, the Day and Night Zoo (DanZoo), and the Raiha Cine Gold Plex Cinemas. Moreover, some prominent societies near Bahria Town include Seven Wonders City, DHA City, Commander City, Scheme 33, ASF City, and Karachi Golf City.


Bahria Town is a developing community with a range of facilities and amenities on offer. Here are some of the best features that residents of Bahria Greens and its surroundings will be able to benefit from:

  • Ideal location
  • Well-planned gated community
  • Secured surroundings
  • Wide landscaped roads
  • Emergency services
  • Best schools
  • Excellent healthcare facilities
  • Area parks and mosques
  • Proximity to commercial areas


While no official announcement has been made about the amenities in Bahria Greens, its location within Bahria Town will provide residents access to:

  • Grand Jamia Mosque
  • PGA Standard 36-Hole Golf Course
  • Bahria Adventure Land
  • DanZoo
  • Bahria Dancing Fountains
  • Rafi Cricket Stadium
  • Sports Complex
  • Raiha Cine Gold Plex Cinemas
  • Carnival Area
  • Hypermarket
  • 5-Star Hotel


Bahria Greens is set to offer 75 square yards (3 marla) residential plots for sale to buyers and investors. The low-cost housing scheme is not just for locals, though. There’s a special Overseas Block in Bahria Greens for those Pakistanis who are living abroad and want to invest in property in Pakistan. Home financing facilities are also available for those who want to build their homes after possession but do not have the resources to do so.

Since the floor layouts have already been revealed for the interior of the houses, we also know that Bahria Greens will eventually be a society comprising 4-bed homes, with a ground floor plus two floors above it, covering approximately 1,700 square feet each. While the ground floor will contain an open lounge, kitchen, and dining spaces, the first floor will have two en suite bedrooms with a balcony overlooking the front of the house. The second floor will consist of the remaining two rooms in a similar manner with another balcony.


While Bahria Greens’ payment plan has not been revealed yet, the rumor mill has gone into overdrive with various speculations. It is rumoured that the price of the 75 square yards plots will be somewhere around PKR 17.5 lakh with a down payment of approximately PKR 4 lakh and an easy 4-year instalment plan that will require you to pay an instalment every three months, or 16 instalments in total, with possession being given somewhere around the 2.5-year mark.

However, this is all just speculation at this point in time until the official launch of the project, which is expected shortly, where the actual price and payment plans will be revealed by the developers.


After the soft launch of Bahria Greens, Karachi, most people are expecting an official launch sometime next week, with rumours of booking for the plots beginning from 22nd July 2020. We will update this space to detail the official updates in this regard.

You can call 0800-00100 anytime from any city in Pakistan, as it is a toll-free contact number for Bahria Town if you’re looking for more information regarding plots for sale in Bahria Town, Karachi. However, we’d advise waiting for the official launch before you do so. Also, since the project hasn’t officially launched yet and no payment plans of any sort have been confirmed by the builder, we will strongly recommend people to be cautious of any third-party information.

Bahria Greens, Karachi Booking Form (Local Resident)

Bahria Greens, Karachi Booking Form (Overseas)

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bahria town karachi possession form

Bahria Town Karachi Possession Process

Bahria Town Karachi Possession Process

Bahria Town Karachi has announced to increase the deadline to get possession of developed properties till 31st January 2020. Previously, the management of the mega real-estate project had directed the property owners to clear their dues and apply for the possession of ready-to-handover residential and commercial plots also as apartments and villas in several precincts. During this regard, a notice for Bahria Town Karachi possession had been dispatched to the concerned owners in December 2019.

The main reason behind the extension within the deadline, which was previously ended at 15h January 2020, appears the huge response Bahria Town Karachi has received over the past few days. The possession counters at the project’s office have witnessed an influx of property owners, thus prompting the management to increase the last date.

In a recent tweet, Bahria Town Chairman Malik Riaz also announced the plot location are going to be allotted to the old members consistent with the map. Meanwhile, those that invested in Bahria Paradise and Bahria Sports City are going to be ready to obtain their plot numbers in March.

Although the possession process in Bahria Town Karachi is quite systematic, the general public rush due to the recent announcements can make it a touch time-consuming. Therefore, if you would like to avoid any unnecessary delays, you ought to familiarize yourself with the procedure to get possession within the upscale housing society in Karachi.

Let’s take a glance at this step-by-step guide Bahria Town Karachi Possession Process

Is Your Property Ready For Possession?

As mentioned above, Bahria Town Karachi dispatched notices to concerned property owners regarding possession handover in December. If you’ve got received such notice, it means you’ll apply for possession by clearing outstanding dues, paying the possession and utility charges and submitting required documents.

However, if you haven’t received a notice, you’ll simply visit the ‘Possession and Category Information’ counter at the Bahria Town office and inquire about the status of your property by showing the statement of your last payment and/or your Bahria Town Karachi registration.

If your property isn’t ready for possession, you’ll need to await subsequent Bahria Town Karachi possession announcement. On the opposite hand, if your property is prepared for possession handover, acquire the possession request form also as possession and utility charges slips from the ‘Possession and Category Information’ counter. Also, don’t forget to ask about the other charges which may be applicable.

Address: Bahria Town Customer Support Center, Bahria Town, Super Highway, Karachi.

Contact Number: 021-36161555, 021-38636936


Here is a breakdown of current Bahria Town Karachi Possession Process charges along with the applicable utility charges.

Type Size Utility charges Possession charges Maintenance charges
Residential plot 2,000 sq. yd. & above PKR 422,500 PKR 351,000  —
 — 1,000 sq. yd. PKR 370,500 PKR 253,500 PKR 13,000
 — 500 sq. yd. PKR 253,500 PKR 214,500 PKR 6,500
 — 250 sq. yd. PKR 117,000 PKR 136,500 PKR 3,250
 — 125 sq. yd. PKR 84,500 PKR 97,500 PKR 1,950
Bahria Homes Paradise PKR 485,000 PKR 375,500 PKR 6,500
 — Sports City Villa 350 sq. yd. PKR 273,000 PKR 422,500 PKR 4,550
 — Quaid Block 200 sq. yd. PKR 214,500 PKR 286,000 PKR 2,600
 — Iqbal Villa 150 sq. yd. PKR 169,000 PKR 214,500 PKR 1,950
 — Old Bahria Homes 200 sq. yd. PKR 214,500 PKR 195,000 PKR 2,600
 — Old Bahria Homes 150 sq. yd. PKR 169,000 PKR 214,500 PKR 1,950
Bahria Apartment 4-Bed 2,950 sq. ft. PKR 227,500 PKR 370,500 PKR 3,250
 — 3-Bed 2,250 sq. ft. PKR 169,000 PKR 292,500 PKR 2,350
 — 2-Bed 950 sq. ft. PKR 110,500 PKR 227,500 PKR 1,950
Farm Houses 2 acres PKR 877,500 PKR 1,235,000 PKR 26,000
 — 1.5 acres PKR 682,500 PKR 1,007,500 PKR 18,200
 — 1 acre PKR 455,000 PKR 715,000 PKR 10,400
Commercial Plot Over 1,000 sq. yd. PKR 845,000 PKR 600,00 PKR 15,000
 — Up to 1,000 sq. yd PKR 955,500 PKR 525,000 PKR 13,000
 — 500 sq. yd. PKR 845,000 PKR 812,500 PKR 6,500
 — Up to 250 sq. yd. PKR 513,500 PKR 747,500 PKR 3,250
 — Up to 200 sq. yd PKR 409,500 PKR 585,000 PKR 2,600
 — 120 sq. yd. PKR 357,500 PKR 422,500 PKR 2,000
 — Liberty Commercial PKR 475,500 PKR 525,000 PKR 4,500
 — Jinnah Avenue Commercial PKR 942,500 PKR 1,560,000 PKR 6,500

Please note that these charges are subject to change at the discretion of Bahria Town Karachi.

You can make your payment through cash or pay-order in any of the authorized bank branches nearby your home. It can also be paid at one of the designated bank counters at the Bahria Town office. 

Required Documents

Here is the list of documents required while applying for Bahria Town Karachi Possession Process .

  • Passport size photographs (two)
  • Computerized National Identity Card (original + copy)
  • Bahria Town Karachi possession form 
  • Provisional allotment letter (if issued)
  • Possession and utility charges slip 
  • Original deposit slip of category charges (if applicable)
  • Original customer copy of the booking form 
  • Transfer Letter along with original installments slips (if applicable)
  • Authority letter on PKR 100 stamp paper along with a copy of the allottee’s CNIC copy and passport size photo (in case the allottee can’t come)

Once you visit the Bahria Town Karachi office with these documents, get a token from the counter and wait for your turn before applying for possession.

Bahria Town Karachi Possession Process


Bahria Town Karachi Maps



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