Detail About Each Block of Bahria Enclave, Islamabad


Bahria Enclave is one of the few housing societies in Islamabad where the real estate business continues to flourish despite the slow activity otherwise seen during Ramazan. This is primarily due to the ongoing rapid development of several sectors there.

If you, too, have been looking to purchase property in Bahria Enclave, this article will give you a brief account of the development status of each block.

Sector A

It is the most developed and, thus, the most valuable sector of Bahria Enclave. Several commercial and civic facilities are up and running here, making it the ideal place to live in. Due to its location right at the main entrance of Bahria Enclave, and the fact that it is 100% developed and possession has been handed over to 95% of the respective plot owners, many end users prefer buying property there.

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The economical 10-marla plots do not have the best of locations because of nearby settlements in the area. Moreover, land here is so deep that it needs to be filled and levelled to the ground. On the other hand, about 70% of the 1-kanal plots enjoy good locations and are at the road level. So when buying plots there, watch out for deeper plots as the construction cost for such plots is always higher.

Plot Size Price Range
10-Marla PKR 9,500,000 – PKR 12,000,000
1-Kanal PKR 15,000,000 – PKR 18,000,000

Sector B

Unlike Sector A, Sector B also has 5- and 8-marla plots along with the 10-marla and 1-kanal plot categories. The sector faces a village and a large chunk of land here is lower than the ground level. About 95% of the land is available for possession here.

In this sector, the location of 5-marla plots is comparatively better, which explains their high market price. On the other hand, development on the area that features 8-marla plots is currently in process; these plots are lower than the road level and thus aren’t that attractive for investment. A similar situation haunts the areas that feature 10-marla and 1-kanal plots. Some 1-kanal plots here also face litigation issues.

Plot Size Price Range
5-Marla PKR 5,000,000 – PKR 5,500,000
8-Marla PKR 6,000,000 – PKR 6,500,000
10-Marla PKR 7,000,000 – PKR 7,500,000
1-Kanal PKR 13,500,000 – PKR 14,500,000

Sector C

Sector C is seen as a prime area in Bahria Enclave and it also includes Sector C-1, C-2 and C-3. Some of the most expensive plots of Bahria Enclave are located in Sector C and it mostly attracts end users. Ninety percent of plots here are available for possession.

Plot Size Price Range
10-Marla PKR 7,500,000 – PKR 9,500,000
1-Kanal PKR 16,500,000 – PKR 20,000,000
2-Kanal PKR  30,000,000 – PKR 35,000,000

Sector E

The location and dynamics of Sector E can be compared with that of Sector B and it only features 1-kanal plots. Despite being located near the society entrance right next to Sector A, it doesn’t really attract investors as many plots there are lower than the ground level. This sector is 50% developed, possession for which has been granted. At the moment, around 10 families live there.

Plot Size Price Range
1-Kanal PKR  12,000,000 – PKR 13,000,000

Sector F & F-1

Sector F lie atop a hill, on the bank of the road that connects Bahria Enclave’s Civic Centre with Sector C. However, its location isn’t very attractive as it is surrounded by a village, a small jungle, and is relatively far from commercial attractions. Sector F features 10-marla and 1-kanal plots. Pace of development work here is rather slow since development work on the rocky hill is definitely not an easy job. Possession of property in Sectors F hasn’t been granted.

Plot Size Price Range
10-Marla PKR 6,000,000 – PKR 7,000,000
1-Kanal PKR  12,000,000 – PKR 13,000,000

Sector F-1 is located at the slop of the hill and it features 5 and 10 marla plots. Among all sectors in Bahria Enclave, Sector F-1 is perhaps worst in terms of plot depth and location. Since many plots in Sector F-1 are much lower than the road level, making an investment here is not recommended. Nonetheless, development work is progressing while property possession hasn’t been granted yet.

Plot Size Price Range
5-Marla PKR 2,700,000 – PKR 3,000,000
8-Marla PKR 4,000,000 – 4,500,000
10-Marla PKR 4,800,000 – 5,000,000

Sector G

Sector G enjoys a good location as the land here has no depth issues. About 35 houses have already been built here. Moreover, as plot possession was delivered recently, property rates have seen a decent rise. In addition to that, commercial plots have also been launched in Sector G – a category that offers good premium at the moment. Please note, property possession for all plots is available here.

Plot Size Price Range
5-Marla PKR 3,500,000 – PKR 3,700,000
8-Marla PKR 6,000,000 – PKR 6,500,000
10-Marla PKR  7,500,000 – PKR 8,000,000

Sector H

Sector H features 5-marla residential plots and possession for 70% of plots is available. Many builders and contractors have started construction of houses. Moreover, commercial plots are also seeing a constant rise in demand. In addition, some developers are also looking to launch there commercial projects in Sector H soon. Please note, 100% property possession has been granted for this block.

Plot Size Price Range
5-Marla PKR 3,500,000 – PKR 5,500,000

Sector I

A huge area in Sector I has been filled since these plots are lower than the ground level. It mostly features 5-marla plots, other options include 8- and 10-marla plots. Some litigation issues also prevail in this block. In addition, property possession of 70% area has been granted while the remaining 30% land is in litigation.

Plot Size Price Range
5-Marla PKR 2,700,000 – PKR 3,500,000
8-Marla PKR 5,000,000 – PKR 5,500,000
10-Marla PKR  6,000,000 – PKR 7,500,000

Sector J

Sector J enjoys a good location, facing the Civic Centre, which is why demand for plots here is high. The lanes featuring 10-marla plots have already been developed, with possession available. On the other hand, development work in the area featuring 8-marla plots hasn’t begun yet. Possession for 90% land has been granted here.

Plot Size Price Range
8-Marla PKR 3,800,000 – PKR 4,300,000
10-Marla PKR 7,500,000 – PKR 8,000,000

Sector K

The location of Sector K is great as it faces the site reserved for construction of Bahria Town’s Chairman’s villa in Sector L. One kanal plots here are high in demand but it has been a while since K block’s property unit entered the market for sale. The possession status of this block is still unclear because no plot here has gone up for sale in the market.

Plot Size Price Range
1-Kanal PKR 15,000,000 – PKR 16,000,000

Sector L

Sector L features 1-kanal plots only and they are located on the road that leads to the Chairman’s Villa. These plots belong to high profile folks and despite the fact that development work hasn’t begun, their average market rate is already high. At the moment, none of these plots are available for sale in the market. In terms of possession, the situation here is similar to that of Sector K.

Plot Size Price Range
1-Kanal PKR 14,000,000 – PKR 15,000,000

Sector M

Sector M has a direct access from Simly Dam Road. With Bahria Town’s City Centre – a commercial project – under construction in this block, Sector M has great potential. Please note, Bahria Town has not started marketing City Centre yet.

Recently, Bahria Town announced possession for some 200 10-marla residential plots to a builder who is constructing Sunset Homes here. Due to this announcement of possession, for which Bahria Town completed the development on an urgent basis, the average market rate has gone up. Moreover, partial possession has been granted here.

Plot Size Price Range
10-Marla PKR 5,500,000 – PKR 6,000,000
1-Kanal PKR 12,000,000 – PKR 14,000,000

Sector N

It is one of the most popular sectors in Bahria Town. It offers great view of the surrounding Murree and Margalla Hills. Land here is also solid, which means Sector N’s plot come without a landfill. This block only features 5-, 8- and 10-marla plots. Among these plots, 10-marla ones are especially good in terms of location.

Looking at the pace of development here, the developer could offer possession by the end of this year. In addition, the block is also connected to Sector M. Any property up for sale here generates a quick response from end users.

Plot Size Price Range
5-Marla PKR 3,200,000 – PKR 4,200,000
8-Marla PKR 5,200,000 – PKR 5,500,000
10-Marla PKR 8,000,000 – PKR 9,000,000

Sector O

Reportedly, Bahria Town has acquired land for Sector O – which was previously under litigation – but hasn’t started development work there. The block features 5- and 8-marla plots. Property possession hasn’t been granted there.

Plot Size Price Range
5-Marla PKR 2,800,000 – PKR 3,000,000
8-Marla PKR 3,500,000 – PKR 4,000,000

Block P

Block P has an active stone crushing site and the plots launched here some time ago were cancelled later by the developer. These plots were adjusted in other blocks. It is rumoured that Bahria Town will acquire more land beyond this sector and launch another layout plan for this block. In other words, property possession is not available here.


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