Bahria Enclave Updates from investment point of view

Bahria Enclave is one of the most popular places in Islamabad among investors looking to take no risks. For this reason, as soon as there is a drop seen in demand, property rates in Bahria Enclave also drop. However, this drop is subjective and considered as impeding for blocks and plots where development work is underway.

Lately, a surge in demand has been noticed for Bahria Enclave. If you are among the potential buyers looking to buy property here, this update will come in handy.

Market trends

An instant rise in demand for property in Bahria Enclave was noted in late July this year. It is important to mention here that the market otherwise remained at a stand still during May and June, which also brought along a significant drop in prices of plots in popular blocks. The drop rate is higher for blocks which were previously more popular among investors.

With market activity resuming and the number of people interested to invest in Bahria Enclave going up, there are new blocks and new offers susceptible to attract potential buyers. Sources also confirm that activity is picking up for Bahria Enclave and these potential buyers include both walk-in clients and those inquiring about promising investment options over the phone.


Buying trends

Throughout 2018, demand has remained high for 10-marla plots in Block C-1, while Block H has lately turned out to be more popular for the 5-marla plot category. Buyers interested in 1-kanal plot category found Block C more attractive.  plots around Block C’s sector park have especially sold like hotcakes in the past.

When asked about the situation in previously popular Block N, Akhtar replied that in the absence of investors during the last couple of months, rates here dropped significantly. The drop was prominent because the rates had gone up by a decent percentage in the past investment phase. For the blocks where development work was yet to kick off, price depreciation was less prominent.

Shedding light on price trends of plots in the developed blocks, Akhtar said that drop was rather marginal, and has lately been recovered.

Development status

Bahria Town’s machinery is currently busy developing Blocks P, K, O and Blocks C-1 and C-1 Extension. Despite the fact that development work in Block N hasn’t been completed yet, work there has been put on hold. It is a general perception that as soon as a new deal is launched in some block, the machinery is moved there. This leads to selling the land faster as investors see work in progress on the site and feel convinced that their investment is poised for growth in market value.

Initiation of development work in fact jacks up property rates. Combined with active buyers, the process becomes quicker. Lately, Bahria Town has launched new deals for plots in Blocks P and K and since these are essentially issued as forms, no property tax or transfer fee is applicable on them.

A look at market rate

By comparing the rates shared in the previous blog, you can have a fair idea on the price fluctuation seen during these months. In a way, the dropped rates combined with increased interest to buy property in Bahria Enclave, has created the perfect opportunity to invest here. Have a look at the current rates of plots block by block;

BlocksPlot sizePrice range
Block A10-Marla9,000,000 – 13,000,000
 1-Kanal12,000,000 – 17,000,000
Block B5-Marla5,500,000 – 6,500,000
 8-Marla5,500,000 – 7,000,000
 10-Marla8,000,000 – 8,500,000
 1-Kanal12,500,000 – 13,500,000
Block C-110-Marla7,000,000 – 10,000,000
Block C1-Kanal15,000,000 – 18,000,000
 2-Kanal35,000,000 – 37,500,000
Block E1-Kanal13,000,000 – 13,500,000
Block F5-Marla3,600,000 – 3,800,000
 8-Marla4,400,000 – 4,600,000
 10-Marla6,500,000 – 7,500,000
 1-Kanal11,500,000 – 12,500,000
Block G5-Marla5,000,000 – 5,500,000
 8-Marla7,000,000 – 7,500,000
 10-Marla6,000,000 – 6,500,000
Block H5-Marla4,800,000 – 5,300,000
Block I5-Marla4,000,000 – 4,500,000
 8-Marla6,000,000 – 6,500,000
Block J8-Marla4,000,000 – 5,000,000
 10-Marla7,500,000 – 8,500,000
Block K10-Marla5,500,000 – 6,000,000
Block L1-kanal13,500,000 – 14,000,000
Block M10-Marla6,000,000 – 8,000,000
 1-Kanal11,500,000 – 12,000,000
Block N5-Marla3,800,000 – 5,000,000
 8-Marla5,500,000 – 7,000,000
 10-Marla6,000,000 – 7,000,000
Block O5-Marla3,500,000 – 3,800,000
 8-Marla5,000,000 – 5,000,000
Block P10-Marla5,000,000 – 5,500,000

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malik Riaz hussain

Malicious campaign against Bahria Town Karachi

The malicious campaign against Bahria Town Karachi

This malicious campaign against Karachi Super Highway Project is going on over the past few weeks with an aim to let down Bahria’s miraculous development work in a period of just three years. As of today 2000 families are residing and thousands of them are in the process of occupying houses & flats. Facilities like Malls, Clubs and Food streets are fully operational. World third largest mosque with capacity of 9 Lacs , Cricket Stadium with capacity of 70,000, 8 lanes fully functional road is our credible pride. FWO has stared working on world standard fly over at the cost of ?? Billions for making the residents excess to super highway & Karachi City without any inconvenience. Foreign investors are coming forward and are keenly investing in various projects as a result of CPEC.
One can say with pride that a new city compatible to Dubai is emerging on ground and seen is believing. This defamatory, baseless, fake and fabricated campaign has been initiated against our mega Project solely with an aim to tarnish Bahria’s credible image. Sooner, by the grace of Allah Almighty, the truth will prevail. God willing this Social media campaign and yellow journalism won’t succeed in our resolve to provide world class housing to our clients besides presenting soft image of Pakistan around the globe.

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Bahria Town hosts grand new year celebrations

Bahria Town hosts grand new year celebrations

Bahria Town welcomed 2018 with epic fireworks simultaneously in three cities – Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. These grand New Year celebrations were attended by hundreds of thousands of people, a press handout issued by the Bahria Town administration stated on Sunday.The spectacular celebrations were organised in Karachi at Pakistan’s tallest 62-storey structure Bahria Icon at Shahrah-e-Firdousi near Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine, in addition to an enchanting performance of dancing fountains at Bahria Fountain in Bahria Town, Karachi at Super Highway.

In Lahore, Eiffel Tower Bahria Town, the city’s latest tourist attraction, was the venue of the traditional fireworks whereas in the federal capital, Bahria Enclave hosted the dazzling display of fireworks.

Equipped with latest amenities and upscale infrastructure, Bahria Enclave is the most popular housing society not only in Islamabad, but all over Pakistan.

Bahria Town has a tradition of celebrating all the national and social events with great fanfare, featuring fireworks which remain its hallmark.

ut in large numbers to witness these celebrations just as Bahria Town lit up the sky in three cities to greet 2018, extending its best wishes to all Pakistanis in the country and abroad. Celebrations at Eiffel Tower in Bahria Town, Lahore also included a musical concert featuring famous singers.


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