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Malicious campaign against Bahria Town Karachi

The malicious campaign against Bahria Town Karachi

This malicious campaign against Karachi Super Highway Project is going on over the past few weeks with an aim to let down Bahria’s miraculous development work in a period of just three years. As of today 2000 families are residing and thousands of them are in the process of occupying houses & flats. Facilities like Malls, Clubs and Food streets are fully operational. World third largest mosque with capacity of 9 Lacs , Cricket Stadium with capacity of 70,000, 8 lanes fully functional road is our credible pride. FWO has stared working on world standard fly over at the cost of ?? Billions for making the residents excess to super highway & Karachi City without any inconvenience. Foreign investors are coming forward and are keenly investing in various projects as a result of CPEC.
One can say with pride that a new city compatible to Dubai is emerging on ground and seen is believing. This defamatory, baseless, fake and fabricated campaign has been initiated against our mega Project solely with an aim to tarnish Bahria’s credible image. Sooner, by the grace of Allah Almighty, the truth will prevail. God willing this Social media campaign and yellow journalism won’t succeed in our resolve to provide world class housing to our clients besides presenting soft image of Pakistan around the globe.

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Bahria Town Karachi inaugurated a McDonald’s outlet at Bahria Adventura

Bahria Town Karachi inaugurated a McDonald’s outlet at Bahria Adventura

Bahria Town Karachi inaugurated a McDonald’s outlet at Bahria Adventura

Bahria Town Karachi inaugurated a McDonald’s outlet at Bahria Adventura – Pakistan’s first ever international standard theme park.

The ceremony was attended by the management and marketing teams of Bahria Town Karachi, distinguished guests and members of the media.

During the event, March 23, 2018 was announced as the opening date of Bahria Adventura, which is Pakistan’s first-ever international standard theme park featuring world-class rides and recreational facilities for the entire family.


Bahria Town Karachi has imported the latest rides from Italy, Canada and Turkey. These rides include a Ferris wheel, roller coaster, carousel and bumper cars among others. For younger children there are interesting rides like star fish, jelly fish, bumble bee and teacups. A grand circus, dinosaur park, water rides and international food chains are also part of the theme park.

Continuing its legacy of bringing modern entertainment from around the world to the people of Pakistan, Bahria Town Karachi will be opening Pakistan’s first of its kind Night Safari very soon. The finishing work on the Night Safari is in its last stage of completion.

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Bahria Golf city Karachi

Bahria Golf City Karachi Latest Market Situation

Bahria Golf City Karachi Latest Market Situation

Bahria Golf City Karachi Latest Market Situation , Bahria Town Karachi has been keeping its own in the relatively mute period that the real estate market is going through. However, according to our sources, investors are hesitant to invest in even Bahria Town at the moment. It is the genuine buyers who have kept their interest up. Our was more than 2 years ago, so here is the latest Market situation

Bahria Golf City Karachi Daily Rates Updates

A Distinctive Project

Bahria has a penchant for introducing some of the most distinctive projects in Pakistan. According to information available on Bahria’s website, the project is inspired by Emirates Hill Dubai and it is a one-of-a-kind project in Pakistan catering to golf-lovers in a luxurious community.  The project features a 27-hole Professional Golfers Association (PGA)-standard golf course in one of the best gated communities of Pakistan. The residential plots on offer are sized 500 sq. yds., 1,000 sq. yds. , and 2000 sq.yds, which are to be paid for on an instalment plan of 4 years. 10 of these instalments have already been paid.

According to AD Real Estate CEO, Bilal Jarral, 70% of the development in society is already complete. Many of the artificial lakes have already been created, the parks completed or nearly so, and by the time the last six of the remaining instalments are complete, everything will be ready.

Current Market Situation

The asking premium is pretty high in the area near Jinnah Avenue, which is the starting point of the project. 

The prices have, however, fallen slightly in recent months. The prices right now, on the other hand, are pretty much stable. Investors are more focused on the newer projects of Bahria Town Karachi, and it is the genuine buyers now who are focusing on this project.

The investors who take the most interest in Bahria Golf City are the overseas Pakistanis. Overseas Pakistanis know how to do their research and they are extremely cautious accordingly.

Bahria Town Karachi Maps

Asking Premium

The asking premium in Bahria Town can differ remarkably according to the location of the plots in Bahria Town, according to Jarral. If you go for the lake view or the golf view plots, the asking premium for the 500 sq. yd. plots can go as high as PKR 6 million. On similar 1,000 sq. yd. plots, the asking premium on such plots, depending on location, can go as high PKR 20 million. Though the average asking premium hovers around PKR 6 million.

If you are looking to build luxury homes to retire in, or want to shift with your families to Karachi, there can be no better place than Bahria Golf City.

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